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The Computer Brothers are the computer experts Nigel and Robin Hewitt. Nigel writes the software, Robin does the hardware and between them they design the electronics. Working as a team they can design and prototype a complete 54" CMYK printer, write that seemingly impossible Windows driver, or build a ballistic force meter that runs for a year on a 25 cent battery... the list goes on. There is nearly half a century's experience in electronics between them and you are guaranteed that they will personally control the development of all projects undertaken.

Nigel Hewitt, nigelh@combro co uk, has a BSc in Electronics, a talent for pure mathematics and a taste for large Japanese motorcycles. His first job was to write the software for a 747 autopilot on a Redifon flight simulator, quite a feat when all you have to work with is assembler code. Nowadays his preferred language is C++ but he still resorts to fast assembler when the milli seconds make a difference.

Robin Hewitt, robinh@combro co uk, is a qualified instrument maker with a penchant for CNC machine tools and pneumatic rifles. A talented AutoCad pilot, there is a rumour that he is saving up for a 1.5kW laser cutter as the ultimate AutoCad peripheral. Responsible for styling and pcb design he does design work at his desk and the close tolerance prototyping in the machine shop.

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