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newThe new web site.

The new improved Combro web page now has more information than ever before. If you are waiting on a Combro project, check out the progress report section for a quick update or use your password to move on up.

newFix for Async software 4.06

4.06 Release A/B/C can lock up when the driver loads.
Software release 4.06D is a complete fix. Call or eMail for details.

newcb625 - Ballistic force meter for pneumatic rifles

Unlike the usual pressed steel chrono's with their lumpy batteries and mains connection, the cb625 weighs in at less than 50gms, including batteries, and is designed as a semi-permament fixture at barrels end. Using the cb625 you can get details on the shot that goes wrong rather than the one after it.
There is a simple 3 button control and large lcd display showing the previous shot in fps. For those of you who prefer a display of muzzle kinetic energy, you only need to enter that pellet weight once for a whole years shooting. Despite its tiny size the cb625 module can resolve the pellet velocity to better than 1%.
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