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Long since discontinued but if your trying to fix one we might be able to help...


The Combro serial driver software allows serial ports to share IRQ lines under DOS and Windows 3.1/3.11
Click here for a free 3 port demo version.
Call or sales@combro co uk with proof of purchase and we will send you the latest 4.06d disk.

Is your software up to date? The software revision list reveals all.

Lost your AS4 manual

and need a copy now? If you have a LaserJet 3 compatable printer then you can print your own. This is what you do...

1: Click here to download a 1Mb zip file
2: Unzip it to side1.las and side2.las
3: C:\>copy side1.las /b prn:
4: Turn the paper over to print side 2
5: C:\>copy side2.las /b prn:
6: Fold the manual to A5 and staple it


All AS4 cards are covered by the full one year return to base warranty and will be repaired or replaced free of charge if they show a construction or design fault in that period.

Non warranty AS4 cards are tested, repaired and refurbished for a flat charge of forty UK pounds. (Cards returned for refurb without their 4 way cables, may be charged at fifty UK pounds, so don't lose that cable!)

NB: Only one in ten AS4 cards returned for repair has a genuine fault. Before returning a card we strongly suggest you do the following...

1: Test it in a different computer
2: Clean the gold edge connector using a pencil eraser
3: Test the card using the diag.exe software, (manual page 12).

If ordering from within the EEC, not UK, you should include your VAT/TVA/MWN number. If not available, add VAT at the UK rate of 17.5%

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